Tips for Avoiding Holiday Stress

Set a budget this holiday season so that you’re not stressed about money post holiday season.  With Black Friday and other sales happening, its easy to spend hundreds of dollars.  Setting up a budget for this time can help prevent post holiday stress.  Remember there are other costs to shopping as well, such as gas expenditure.  Taking advantage of online sales may be a great solution for some people.

Don’t feel obligated to buy more than you can afford.  Buying gifts for others should never affect your ability to pay your bills, nor should it be a justification for using credit cards because of the tempting complications of going over your budget.  Staying within your means is a great way to avoid holiday stress.

Get plenty of exercise.  Even though you might not have the time, its important to make the time.  Exercise can elevate your mood and help you cope with stress in a very impactful way.  Aiming for at least 30 minutes a day for some sort of physical activity a minimum of three times a week is ideal to see benefits of exercising. Walking, Jogging, Swimming, and Sports are all great examples of activities to avoid holiday stress.

Get plenty of sleep.  Insufficient sleep can lead to many health complications, and most certainly a contributor to holiday stress.  Sometimes this time of year may be hard to get the recommended eight-hours-a-night, but its something we should all try to strive for.  Try setting a budget on chores for company coming over and be adamant about having a cut off time for bed.  Respecting the amount of sleep you get will carry on drastically with everything else you do.

If having company over, don’t overdo it.  Keeping it simple can alleviate some of the holiday stress on your plate.  Welcoming guests into your home shouldn’t consist of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself.  You don’t have to do everything yourself.  Get family members involved to help and instead of preparing an entire meal alone, ask each person to bring a dish. 

Choose your battles.  Everyone has their own personalities.  It’s important to stay mindful and not allow remarks to get under your skin.  This can lead to an absolutely miserable and stressful holiday.  Agreeing to disagree is okay, and in heated conversations this can be overlooked.  This is a great way to avoid anxiety and stress.

Remember that relationships matter.  Holidays are a great time to strengthen bridges with close friends and family.  Think about what a holiday would be like alone and by yourself.  What you may take for granted, others would do almost anything to experience.  Time is much too short to not cherish the memories of seeing friends and family.  There is a large added benefit to soaking up every minute with those you care about.