Tyler Smilo Live at Alpine Springs in Linesville, PA

Alpine Springs was proud to host Erie Musician Tyler Smilo at our Linesville, PA Community location on December 13, 2019. Tyler played ten songs and shared insight about what he’s learned on his path to recovery with the residents ranging from his childhood through his relapse. In between songs he had heart to heart conversations with the clients. After a few hours, they were sad to see him go! Thank you for coming, Tyler, and we hope to see you back soon!

1. Speaking to the Colors Again
2. Blood in the Water (3:09)
3. The Fallen (6:45)
4. Texas (11:02)
5. It Was You (15:26)
6. Heirs to the Throne (18:50)
7. Burn the Rivers (23:20)
8. Dust in the Grave (26:14)
10. The Wolf (30:08)
11. Save Me (34:09)

You can find his music here.