At Alpine Springs, nutrition plays an important role in making sure our clients maintain and learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why we decided to overhaul our smoothie program! After our on-site full time chef decided on 8 flavors, we shared these and performed a taste test at our Linesville, PA location among staff and clients.  The Alpine family decided on three main flavors which will be offered every Thursday at Linesville, PA.  The new smoothies use a mix of concentrate with real fruit, which is much better than we offered before (solely the concentrate).  We are very excited, as are our clients, to introduce these new choices for 2020.  The flavors are as follows:

  • Peach, Pear, Apricot
  • Mango, Banana
  • Wild Berry, Pomegranate

These smoothies each offer their own unique nutrition benefits as well as intense flavor – and best of all, NO SUGAR ADDED!