Jacob Gland and his two service dogs, Liberty and Summer

Guest Speaker Jacob Gland

We are very excited to have hosted Jacob Gland at our Linesville Facility Friday, January 3, 2020.

Jacob Gland is an Erie, PA native who is a Motivational Speaker as well as a Recovery & Life Coach.

He more specifically tailors his talks for those who have been affected by addiction. He provides strength-based support and guidance for those in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, codependency and other addictive behaviors.

The main goal of his coaching is to develop action plans that create positive change and achieve future goals. After being in the manufacturing industry for 8 years and battling addiction himself, he felt God pulled him towards helping individuals and their families to improve their quality of life.

From repairing relationships to restoring nutritional health, he emphatically understands the struggles and adversity that recovering addicts go through while dealing with this deadly disease. He also understands the trials and tribulations that their families go through.

The passion he has for life is unparalleled and will do whatever is necessary to provide the appropriate resources for an individual to succeed.

Jacob is very involved with public speaking and visits various treatment facilities to share his experience, strength, and hope so that he may help patients see that recovery is possible even in the most darkest of circumstances. He truly cares about everyone he comes in contact with and it shows when in his presence and through his work.

He holds an International Masters in Addiction Coaching from the Addictions Academy therefore he is a qualified candidate to guide you through your recovery journey.