Drug and Alcohol Treatment Approach

Holistic addiction therapy focuses on helping the individual heal and recover comprehensively – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

Alpine Springs utilizes a variety of holistic and clinical therapies to help clients recover comfortably from drug and alcohol addictions. Our holistic addiction treatment center also offers experiential therapy activities, making use of the beautiful countryside and bodies of water – including Lake Erie – that surround our facility. To learn more about experiential therapy and holistic treatment, click on the button below.

Personalized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

Before potential clients are accepted to Alpine Springs, they undergo a comprehensive evaluation to ensure they are the right fit for our inpatient treatment program. This entails either an in-depth phone conversation or an in-person meeting with the prospective client.

Upon arrival to our alcohol and drug rehab center in Northwest Pennsylvania, the new client will be assigned a primary counselor, who will start with a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment. This helps our staff develop a structured treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to the client’s needs.

The new client will officially began treatment with detoxification and various clinical and holistic therapies, as guided by the treatment plan. Our aim is to get the individual off all risky substances and medications by the time detox ends. The length of the program will be unique to the client, based on results and individual progress. Each person will be given comfortable living accommodations for the duration of the inpatient treatment program.