Jamestown Location

865 East Jamestown Road

Jamestown, PA 16134

Linesville Location

226 West Erie St

Linesville, PA 16424


Why Linesville and Jamestown, Pennsylvania?

We’ve chosen these locations because of their beauty and diverse surroundings.  They are also free of distractions, so our clients can keep their minds clear and focus on their recovery goals. Both locations allow access to plentiful outdoor recreational areas, such as woods and three prominent bodies of water.

At the main intersection of town at the Linesville location, you’ll see a sign that says Chicago is 500 miles west and New York is 500 miles east. That’s right: Linesville is roughly right in the middle of the two.

While that makes for a nice factoid, more realistically, we like to point out that our Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab centers are almost equidistant between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. This is important to note because many of our clients come from those two major cities and their surrounding suburbs.

Many drug rehab centers try to attract new clients from all over the country, but here at Alpine Springs, most of our focus is on helping Pennsylvania and Ohio residents who are struggling with addiction. We always say that our facilities are the type of place you’d feel comfortable with sending your family member to, and we prefer if those families aren’t too far away while their loved one is in treatment. We also offer transportation services up to 100 miles in any direction to clients who are ready to be admitted into our inpatient program.

Being that our inpatient treatment center is in a small town, we offer clients and their families a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of large cities such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Clients will get respite from the temptations and triggers that likely fueled their addiction in the first place.

We welcome you to explore what either location has to offer!