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Medical Monitoring in Detox?

There is a CMA and Nurse on shift available for 24 hr medical monitoring. These staff members will monitor for beginning signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

Average Medical Condition when people first arrive?

Most clients that arrive at our facility are either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are beginning to show signs of withdrawal. These clients come to the facility in poor shape and feeling awful. After proper evaluation and assessment from nursing staff and evaluation from medical doctor, the client will then get comfort medications to help with the signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

What are the ‘comfort medications’?

Medical director prescribes from a list of comfort medications to help with the detox process. The list is different dependent on the substance being detoxed from.

What medical tasks are preformed?

Upon admission, clients are brought into facility by nursing staff; at that time, they will have a body search. After the search is completed, nursing will collect a urine specimen for drug screening. Once completed, the nursing staff will complete vitals (b/p, pulse, ht/wt, breathalyzer, blood sugar if needed). TB test administration upon admission.

Other medical tasks include our CIWA and COWS scores, which are compiled every shift. Medical monitoring for signs and symptoms of the beginning of withdrawal.

Medications used for opioid addiction?

Vivitrol: An opioid antagonist. Used for opioid-dependent patients, including those being treated for alcohol dependence, must be opioid-free at the time of initial Vivitrol administration. It is used for the prevention of relapse to opioid dependence, following opioid detoxification. Clients are able to receive Vivitrol injection once there has been 10-14 days since their last use of opioids. (They also have to perform lab testing before approval from doctor).

Suboxone: Is a prescription medicine used to treat adults who are addicted to (dependent on) opioid drugs (either prescription or illegal) as part of a complete treatment program that also includes counseling and behavioral therapy. The medial director does a 4 day taper of the medication, to help clients ease through the withdrawal process.

Do you have an immediately available Aftercare(post-detox) inpatient admission system?

Not only do we highly recommend and have a whole facility dedicated to this service, but we also provide transportation.

Is The Facility Licensed and Accredited?

Yes we have several licenses and accreditation, including a CARF and DDAP.

How Long Is the Program?

Typically 28-40 days, but since all the care we offer is individualized, this is a general estimate.

What should I expect from rehab?

Learning how to live a healthy, sober, lifestyle.

What is the environment like at the facilities?

Rather than a clinical feel, we go for the retreat vibe. If someone completes our program, its not uncommon for comments like “It didn’t even feel like rehab”. From the beds and the food to the staff and program activities, we try to provide world-class service right in your own backyard.

Does your facility offer Inpatient or Outpatient treatment?

Alpine Springs currently offers Inpatient care and Detox care, each service having dedicated buildings near Pymatuning Lake, Pennsylvania

What type of payment options do I have?

We accept the following insurances: Aetna, High Mark Blue Cross Blue Shield, CCBHO, Fidelis, Magellan, Perform Care, UPMC, VBH

We also accept Medicaid from counties: Armstrong/Indiana/Clarion, Beaver, Butler, Cambria, Cameron/Elk/McKean, Crawford, Erie, Fayette, Forest-Warren, Lawrence, Mercer, Venango, Washington, Westmoreland.

What type of help is available for families?

The family program is available to all clients and their loved ones, sponsors, or members of their primary support group. Visitation is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. After-care will be arranged for each client exiting the program.

Where are the facilities located?

The Detox facility is located in Jamestown, Pennsylvania. For directions, click here.

The Inpatient facility is located in Linesville, Pennsylvania. For directions, click here.

What amenities does the facility offer?

Detox, Inpatient care, drug counseling, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, group recovery meetings (12-step), medication assisted therapy, large property with lots of nature, pop machine, juice machine, daily smoothies, individual rooms, laundry service, aroma therapy, Multiple TVs, board games. We try to offer everything you’d have at home to make it feel like the client isn’t even at rehab.

Are there therapists on the property?

Alpine Springs provides LPNs and Drug and Alcohol counselors on staff.

How is therapy integrated into the recovery process?

Alpine Springs offers both group and individualized therapy, as well as aroma therapy, gaming therapy, nature walks (wood trails and beach), coloring, fishing, bowling, and many more.

Is it possible to extend the length of a stay?

We offer individualized care, and it can surpass normal stay times if interest is expressed.

In addition to group therapy, how often will I meet with a Drug and Alcohol Counselor alone?

Alpine Springs mandates that all clients meet with their counselors once a week for inpatient treatment, and if desired they can meet more. Detox meets once to complete a BPS and again to complete aftercare planning.

How does your rehabilitation encourage a well-rounded, healthy future?

Offering individualized treatment using evidence based approaches to those struggling with addiction to leave our facility with the skills and knowledge to live a better, healthier lifestyle. Alpine Springs accomplishes this through our amazing staff and facilities.

Do you track progress throughout a client’s recovery?

Yes, Alpine Springs tracks progress for all of our clients throughout their recovery.