Safe and Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Process

Clients will either be admitted to start his or her inpatient experience right away or will start the detox process depending on the drug type, history of the patient, and other factors. During detox, a client is kept under close supervision of a medical professional. This can be a difficult time for the client as he or she may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Our team has experience in making sure that each client is as comfortable as possible to help them get through the withdrawal stage.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Pennsylvania

A New Standard of Care with Quality & Affordable Addiction Treatment

Based around the Pymatuning Lake area, Alpine Spring’s locations offer respite to those from the greater Pittsburgh and the Cleveland areas who are trapped under the weight of drug or alcohol addiction.

Alpine Springs helps guide individuals through the few several weeks of recovery, thanks to detoxification and high-quality inpatient treatment. Our programs are highly customized to each individual client, offering them the very best in personalized treatment and giving them a legitimate shot at a full recovery.

Our Caring Treatment Center is Focused on Saving Lives

Prior to acceptance to our drug and alcohol treatment program, clients will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to ensure success. This can be completed either with an in-depth phone call or face-to-face meeting. During this meeting, if it is determined that a different level of care is necessary, clients are provided information to those resources. Insurance coverage and payment options are discussed at this time. Our goal is to offer an effective treatment program that you can afford.