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Please note that all admissions to our addiction rehab (regardless of where admitting to) will require check-in at our Detox Facility. Please note we have two Addiction Recovery Centers, one is detox (Jamestown, PA) and the other is our inpatient rehab (Linesville).


865 East Jamestown Road

Jamestown, PA 16134



226 West Erie St

Linesville, PA 16424


The staff and peers at Alpine Springs Rehab were very knowledgeable about recovery.  The staff was very welcoming and involved in treatment care.  The group meetings were great! Best addiction recovery center!



We encourage a phone call to our rehab facility to expedite the admissions process. Call our addiction recovery center today and see where recovery meets the road!

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Inpatient Addiction Recovery Center Common Room at Linesville, PA rehab

We aren’t your typical rehab. We try to show you how fun being sober can be while teaching you the skills to deal with your addiction. Every case is different, which is why we emphasize individual treatment. That means you get the best care possible for your situation. If you’re ready, we’re ready. Give our addiction recovery center a call at 814-818-0002

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DETOX Admission Guidelines
(5-9 days, Co-Ed)

Both Addiction Recovery Centers are strategically located near Pymatuning Lake for tranquility during recovery. By having our rehab distanced from big cities, it helps get you away from where your addiction was.

We welcome individuals to our addiction recovery center who satisfy the following requirements for rehab admittance:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are chemically dependent upon drugs/alcohol (addiction to drugs and seeking rehab at addiction recovery center)
  • You are able to perform a reasonable level of self-care, including: eating, grooming and maintaining orderliness in your living quarters
  • You express motivation and a willingness to live in an addiction treatment environment at our addiction recovery centers and pursue a sober life during and after rehab.

(25-30 days, Co-Ed)

We welcome individuals who satisfy the following requirements:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are currently sober – no longer chemically dependent on drugs/alcohol.
  • You are willing to follow an addiction treatment plan developed by you and your counselor during rehab at any of our addiction recovery centers.


Alpine Springs recognizes that asking for help is an important starting point of your recovery, and we are here to help night or day. Both of our addiction recovery centers are available 24/7. To help ease any concerns about the initial phone call, we want you to know our phone calls are never recorded, and always remain 100% confidential. We will ask you a few questions when you call to better assess your situation for rehab services. After reviewing your assessment, our experienced staff will determine the most appropriate level of care for you or your loved one.


Here are some of the questions to expect us to ask about the client when you call:

  • What current issues prompted the phone call?
  • Does the individual have any previous treatment history?
  • Does the individual have a co-occurring disorder that requires treatment at a residential level of care or a partial hospitalization level of care?
  • Does the individual have an insurance policy to cover treatment?


Prior to your arrival, our staff will verify your health insurance and discuss any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur depending on your coverage. Out-of-pocket expenses may vary depending on your policy, but our admissions coordinator will contact your insurance company directly to determine the appropriate level of care for you or your loved one.


Once the admissions coordinator has gathered the appropriate information, the next step is to schedule the client for admission as soon as possible. The admission date and time is offered seven days a week, and we can pick the client up!


Patients travel to Alpine Springs from all over the tri-state area. From the time a potential client calls our facilities, we begin working with them and their family to begin the recovery process on an individualized basis. We can assist with travel arrangements or they can arrange for their own travel to our facilities.

Since discharge dates fluctuate based on the completion of a client’s personalized program, the staff can help make return transportation plans as well.



Clients are met by a staff member who will escort them to the appropriate Alpine Springs facility and begin the paperwork process. All consent forms and release information along with financial paperwork is discussed and any questions are answered. A medical assessment follows, and the client is assisted through the check-in process by a residential coordinator on hand to answer any questions about rules and regulations. The staff is also here to help with family medical leave paperwork and can communicate with a client’s personal doctor, job supervisor, lawyer or probation officer when necessary. In most cases, this is all handled in the first 24 hours of a client’s stay.