Offering individualized treatment using evidence based practices to those struggling with addiction to leave our facility with the coping skills and knowledge to live a better healthier lifestyle



Alpine Springs’ vision is to become the Nation’s leader in Addiction Recovery. We believe surroundings impact outcomes and have created facilities with state-of-the-art accommodations for our clients to rehabilitate and ultimately live in recovery. We are always looking for new and innovative approaches that will make Alpine Springs unique.


Our Culture

Here at Alpine Springs, we put the client first and our team second. We embrace a team atmosphere because that’s what it takes to help our clients to the greatest extent. We value our employees and want them to feel comfortable and supported in their day to day job responsibilities. We hope Alpine Springs is more than just a job, it’s a place where people want to work and help us make a difference in people’s lives.


Our Core Values

Be True – Do the RIGHT thing every time. Don’t compromise.

Pursue Excellence – Give your BEST. We may not be perfect, but we learn from our experiences and constantly IMPROVE.

Inspire – Every day you have an opportunity to CHANGE someone’s life.

Be There – Always RISE to the occasion.

Make a Difference – This is who we are as a company.


Administrative Team

Brandin Brooks CEO
Tyler Babcock CFO
Chistina Arvin Director Of Operations
Daniel Reed Director Of Quality And Compliance
Dr. Robert Bazylak Medical Director
Ashley McClure Director Of Nursing


Board Members

John P O’Brien
John L O’Brien
Doug Datish



Linesville, PA  Location

226 West Erie St.
Linesville, PA 16424

Jamestown, PA Location

865 East Jamestown Road
Jamestown, PA 16134