• 5 Days worth of clothing (we have a washer and dryer)
  • Current Medications you are currently prescribed
  • Hygiene products are allowed, but if they have alcohol in the first 3 ingredients we will lock it up in your box and you use when needed under supervision
  • Money if you’d like a bit of spending money for store run. Cash (less than $50 or Card)
  • If you chew or smoke tobacco, it needs to arrive in sealed packs. No rolling tobacco or vapes are permitted.
  • For Detox, there is a blackout period meaning no phone calls. You can make a courtesy call when you arrive to let a loved one know you made it and are safe. After that, admissions will give your emergency contact 2 calls during your stay with us to let your loved one know how you are doing.
  • For Inpatient, you may make a courtesy call when you arrive to let your loved one know you made it and are safe. After that, inpatient clients get a 15 minute phone call every evening. No visitors are allowed the first week you are here but after that you may get with your primary counselor and talk about arrangements for your visitors to come visit on the weekend. Zoom calls are also available over the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Alpine Springs located?

We have our Inpatient Facility located in Linesville PA. Detox is located in Jamestown PA. We are close to a large lake, hiking trails, beach etc. and will take you to enjoy them!

Other than treatment activities, what is there to do?

Nature Walks, Bowling, Outside Gym, Beach, Cooking Class, Kickball, Outside AA/NA meetings and activities are available in the local community.

How big is the facility?

Detox holds 14 clients, Inpatient holds 24.

What is the client population?

We have a co-ed facility. We do not accept anyone under the age of 18. The average range is around 25-40 years old.

What is the Daily Schedule?

You will attend daily therapy and recreational groups. You will also meet with your primary counselor 1x per week for individual therapy.

What is the room situation?

You will likely have 1-2 roommates. There are a couple single rooms but most are 2-3 clients per room.

Can I smoke or chew?

Yes but only outside in the designated area. No open packs of cigarettes or chew are allowed in the facility. No rolling tobacco or vapes permitted.

Can I have my cellphone?

Cell phones, Wifi capable, or Bluetooth items are not permitted. However, you will be allowed to access your phone for needed numbers etc. w/ staff supervision.

Can I bring Food or Drinks?

NO. All of your meals are provided.